Action Two: Build a sandpit

Richard Louv, the author of Last Child in the Woods: Saving Our Children From Nature-Deficit Disorder starts his suggested list of actions to take with nature activities for kids and families and the number one in the list is: Build a sandpit.

Today, I didn’t need to build one because I already did over a year ago and back then the inspiration to build it was the book itself. It happened that one of my neighbour’s skip was filled with nice wooden boards so I asked whether I could take them and use to build a sandpit and they agreed. So I had the material for free. So far so good.

It was time to make it. I don’t remember the website I used to find a step by step instructions on how to build one but quick search on google today gave me at least two fantastic guides:

  1. The first is really much more than just a simple sandpit
  2. The second gives you a step by step image instructions on how to build a sandbox.

Feel free to find your own inspiration.

Our sandpit is very very simple but it gives the kids hours of fun to play outside in the garden and that is what we want. Unfortunately, for the past few months the sandpit was abandoned due to lack of enough amount of sand inside so our action for today was to fill it with lots of sand again. My wife, Joanna, went to a garden shop with kids to buy few bags of the golden treasure and after I came back home from work we filled the sandbox and had a nice time playing together.

Have you already build a sandpit in your garden or maybe in your estate? Take few pictures and share with others for inspiration. I also really invite you to involve your kids in the process of building one.

Although sandpit in your garden is a great thing there is also a much better place for kids to play in sand so if you live close to a beach make sure to use it as often as possible.

See you next time.


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